Some interesting facts on dates you may not know about.

Dates can ease your hunger as well as give you a quick boost of energy. They are loading with minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. In general, there are three types of dates, namely the dry, the soft and the semi-dry one.

benefits of dates


In the Middle East, dates are used to substitute for sugar and are consumed together with tea. Nowadays, dates are eaten in many ways. There are dates filled with almonds or pistachios, chocolate-covered dates, and even date juice.

Now, let’s look at the quick facts of the types of dates here.

types of dates

The first one is Ajwa. These dates are primarily grown in Saudi Arabia and are said to be Prophet Muhammad’s favorite dates. When bitten, they are dry but soft. They also own a variety of health benefits for their nutrients. Of all, the blackish dates of Ajwa are the most expensive one.

The second one is Medjool. These dates are among the crème de la crème of dates and are from Morocco. They are grown in the United States, Jordan and also Saudi Arabia. People favor the Medjool dates for they are moist, sweet and large.

The third one is Deglet Nour. These are semi-dry dates and are well-known in the United States, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria. Unlike other dates, they are, however, not sweet at all. Interestingly, when you hold up this Deglet Nour date to the sun, its center appears to be a golden color.

The last one is Safawi. These dates are from Saudi Arabia and they are indeed sweet, and chewy, and dark in color. If you store these dates in a cold room, they can be kept for over 12 months.

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