Elephants are one of the most fascinating animals found on Earth. This article will share some interesting facts on this unique animal.

African elephants drink at a waterhole

Elephants are not solitary animals but they live in herds. Like humans, they can communicate to one another and their methods of communication are usually simple. The means of their communication include body language, tails, ears, trunks and voice. Their trunk position can be threatening or defensive. When they want to show rage or excitement, they trumpet their trunks.


While communicating, elephants make several sounds. When they greet fellow elephants, they make rumbling growls resembling a running diesel engine. But the growl becomes a bellow when their mouth is open and a bellow can then become a moan when prolonged. When threatening other animals or another elephant, this sound can turn to a roar. Their calves bellow loudly for their mothers when they find themselves lost.


Their trunks, ears, tails, bodies and voices enable them to communicate long distances. While expressing joy and excitement, they flap their ears. And the beating of the ears onto the skin can be heard causing the other elephants to pick up their ears in order to get in touch with the first elephant. Not only that, they too flap their ears especially in hot weather to cool themselves down.


By producing and receiving low-frequency sound or infrasonic sound waves, they are able to communicate over the long distances. The sound waves are inaudible to humans’ ears as they travel via the ground but can be felt by the sensitive skin of elephants’ trunks and feet. As they are able to communicate over distances of more than 10 kilometers, they can find distant potential mates and this communication method also helps them to coordinate their movements over a larger coverage area.

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