Marsupials are not only cute animals they are also very unique and interesting animals. Read more to learn more facts on these mammals.


Marsupials are interesting and unique animals. The term marsupial refers to a group of mammals primarily found in Australia and nearby islands as well as in certain parts of America. Over 250 kinds of marsupials have been identified. They include Tasmanian wolves, koalas, opossums and kangaroos.


In the underside of the female marsupials’ bodies, there sits their pouches. As soon as young marsupials are born, the infants move into these pouches.

Newborn marsupials, in general, are tiny in size. Sometimes, they only reach one-quarter of an inch long. While they are inside the pouches, they get milk from their mothers.

These newborn marsupials will just remain inside the pouches of their moms until they are able to find themselves food and take good care of themselves. But, from time to time, even when they already are able to take care of themselves, young kangaroos as well as other marsupials will still return to their moms’ pouches.

As most marsupials do not eat meat, they do not pose any danger to people. Sadly to say, the number of the world’s marsupials is on their decline and they are becoming less and less. So, we should protect them so that they won’t die out so soon.

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