Nature and the history of mankind are not always related. Instead, there are a lot of unbelievable things occurred elsewhere and at any time frames within the similar space where humans dwelt.

A recent record described that the giant waves rose to a maximum height of 21m, which was recorded over the ocean waves in the island of Maui in 2004. Nevertheless, the giant waves ever recorded at the head of Lituya Bay, Alaska on July 9, 1958 were 516m (1,720 ft). Such height was generated due to a combination of disturbances triggered by a large 8.3 magnitude earthquake along the Fairweather fault.  The height is higher than New York’s Empire State Building.

One cocoon can produce 1,000 ft long of silk, and thus 100 cocoons are needed to produce one silk-made tie.

There are a total of 650 muscles in a human body.

One large oak tree can produce 100,000 soft corks that are used to seal off the mouth of champagne or wine bottles.

The taste buds found in our tongue will produce the mixture of sour, sweet, spicy and bitter tastes while we are eating. The life span of these taste buds is not long as they can only sustain as long as 10 days. Generally, there are approximately 10,000 taste buds scattering all over the tongue.

There are 2.5 trillion stars in the galaxies, and in a human body there are 250 trillion blood vessels.

Walking bare footedly over the fire could be an appalling activity to do. On July 2, 1998, a person who called David Barry attempted to walk bare footedly over a burning coal which has a temperature of 1,300 degree Fahrenheit (about 704 degrees Celsius; a temperature that is high enough to melt the steel off). He broke the record by walking over the burning coal with a distance measured as far as 165ft in length.

A golf ball which is hit from the front strike has a speed up to 170miles per hour, which is equivalent to an average speed of a Formula One racing car.

There is no atmosphere on the top layer of the moon as its gravity is too weak. Therefore, all the gas particles are being absorbed to its surface. In the presence of the atmosphere, when someone is trying to talk on the moon, his word will not be passed out from his mouth.

In 1980, an outbreak of volcanic eruption from one volcano called St. Helen has created a historical record when the volcanic rocks shooting out from the crater with a speed reaching 250 miles per hour. Such speed is said to be faster than the Japanese famous bullet train.

A glass is made of a very stable material in a fix ratio. If the glass is left to be degraded naturally, it will take 100 million years to completely degrade. That is why it is very important to recycle the glass products.  Each recycled glass bottle can save the energy that is power enough to light up the bulb for four hours.

The highest altitude a bird can reach is 37,000ft which is higher than a commercial aircraft flying at the altitude of 35,000ft.

An aircraft emits smoke equivalent to 1% of the emission in the US. The smoke emission during take-off and landing of a Boeing 747 aircraft is equivalent to the smoke emission of a car which has covered a distance of 5,600 miles.

The odor of the Scotch whisky is composed by more than 300 chemical substances.

A space shuttle requires 8 hours to fly across the United States, but the initial jumping speed of a flea is 20 times the acceleration speed of the space shutter.

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