The telephone is a great invention of Alexander Graham Bell as it makes communication convenient and just a phone call away.

The invention of a telephone is a blessing. This invaluable invention brings families and friends closer, and parents can really keep in touch with their children who are away from home. Life becomes more convenient being just a phone call away. It would be awful without a telephone these days!

The telephone was actually invented by Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson in the year of 1876. In the same year, on the 10th of March, Alexander made a phone call to his assistant, Watson, who was in another room and he said, “Watson, come here. I want you.” At that moment, Watson heard him through a receiver that was connected to a transmitter. And from here, the first telephone was born.

Thereafter, the first telephone has gone through many changes in its design. And today we have iphone, smart phone and other type of mobile phones which are convenient and portable and can be used even when one is on the move.

While using the phone, one should always conduct one’s etiquette properly. Certainly, there are several things that need to be noted:

Be polite always. If the phone is not for you, say properly to the other party, “Please hold on.” Then go get the person who they asked for.

Always be considerate of others. Do not carry on the telephone conversation until the cows come home because others may need to use it.

Remember to be sensible. Avoid shouting into the phone because the other person’s ear may be close to the receiver.

Behave patiently. If someone calls you by mistake do not bang down the phone. Instead, say to them, “I’m sorry. You have the wrong number.” Or you may say, “I’m sorry. No one is here with that name.”

Never talk too loudly as you may be disturbing the others in the room or next door. Always put yourself in other person’s shoes and be considerate!

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