Jogging is the best form of exercise as it builds up your strength, suppleness and stamina. There are some important things you need to know before you go jogging, so that you obtain its health benefits.

Of all exercises, jogging is regarded as the most ideal form of exercise. You can go jogging as little as you desire or as much as you want to jog. Jogging is an outdoor exercise that helps build up your suppleness, strength and stamina almost at the same time.

There are a few particular things that you need to know prior to jogging as listed below:

Prior to jogging, you should have a pair of good proper running shoes, not sandals, not boots, to help you minimize sports-related injuries.

Make sure you begin jogging by wearing absorbent and comfortable sports clothes.

Always start with 4- 5 minutes of warm up exercises. Next, proceed with jogging and brisk walking; at first with 5 minutes walking to one minute jogging. And then you gradually add the amount you jog.

You should end your jog with a 5 minute cooling down walk. After doing this, have a lukewarm bath or shower.

In any form of exercise, always enjoy what you do. In this case, enjoy your jog with a big accomplishment. Or else, you won’t feel like continuing your daily jog.

Below is information on the amount of suppleness, strength and stamina produced by different types of activities and sports. The bigger the number is the better it is.

Swimming: Stamina (3), suppleness (3), and strength (3)

Jogging: Stamina (3), suppleness (1), and strength (2)

Cycling: Stamina (3), suppleness (1), and strength (2)

Tennis: Stamina (2), suppleness (2), and strength (2)

Mowing lawn: Stamina (1), suppleness (1), and strength (2)

Aerobics: Stamina (3), suppleness (3), and strength (2)

Housework: Stamina (1), suppleness (2), and strength (1)

Football: Stamina (2), suppleness (2), and strength (2)

Brisk walking: Stamina (2), suppleness (1), and strength (1)

Golf: Stamina (1), suppleness (1), and strength (1)

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