The Moon Cake Festival (中秋节) is coming around the corner. Do you know the legendary story of the Moon Cake Festival?

The Moon Cake Festival (中秋节) is coming around the corner. It is one of the most popular festive seasons celebrated extensively by all Chinese communities around the world.

Do you know the legendary story of the Moon Cake Festival? According to a legend, there was once a girl who called herself Chang Er (嫦娥), who was also a daughter of a poor farmer.


When she was eighteen years old, she met a man called How Yi (后羿 ) one day. He was very attracted to Chang Er and visited her often. Soon, both of them fell in love.



Hou Yi was an extremely good archer at that time. It was said that ten suns of the Earth took turns to come out causing rivers to completely dry up. Soon, there came a severe drought. People suffered when crop yields dropped sharply and crops were not growing well.

With his mighty arrows, How Yi climbed up to the highest mountain in order to shoot down the suns. One by one, the suns were shot down. When Hou Yi successfully shot down the ninth sun, people cheered happily and named him as their king.

Later, How Yi married Chang Er. Thereafter, they lived happily, for a number of years. Not long after that, Hou Yi became an evil king and believed he would like to become immortal. He then hired sorcerers to help him remain immortal, and one of his sorcerers made him an immortal pill several years later.

One evening, Chang Er sneaked into the sorcerer’s chamber which was also a tall tower in the palace. Looking everywhere around the chamber, she finally found the immortal pill. But at that moment, the sorcerer burst in and Chang Er had no choice but to swallow the pill. The sorcerer quickly raised the alarm and in rushed Hou Yi attempted to force his wife, Chang Er, to return the pill. As she had completely swallowed the pill, it was nearly impossible for Hou Yi to get back the pill.


In order to escape from Hou Yi, Chang Er had no choice again but to jump from a window. Strangely, she did not fall to the ground below but floated up to the moon. There, she lives alone until now. Our ancestors believe that Chang Er lives in the moon and always thinks of her husband, Hou Yi.

Today, Chinese celebrate the Moon Cake Festival to remember Chang Er.

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