I’m here very grateful to you,

To show my respect and love,

As I treasure you much beyond the words,

You’ve been my very good companions for years.


I can’t make days here without you,

Your support refreshes my mind,

To help bring me more ideas to write,

You’re my valued friends forever.


When I’m down,

You put sunshine on my shoulder,

You sing songs to warm my heart,

I could never write here without your love and encouragement.


You’re always there for me,

You hold my fragile hands to play around the phrases,

And you give me life to write.


I’m strong,

Because you’re there for me,

You’re my friends forever.

Mis amigos para siempre.


I can’t stand without you,

Because you bring me to a place without confusion,

You’re my treasured friends.


You raise me up writing here,

I could feel my heart beating happily,

I could feel my breathing dancing cheerfully,

And I could feel my legs running faster and faster,

Thanks for your love and thorough support,

I’ll keep your kindness in my heart forever,

For you’ve been my very good friends here.


With my sincere heart,

I’d like you to take my love here.

Thanks for your thorough support and love. Now, please take my love here, my valued friends.

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