Having months of being nourished with milk, your baby is now ready to show their interest in semi-solid foods for the first time. For both the mom and the baby, this is an exciting time as it makes the little one feel the powerful love and bonding from the mom, so the mom should make it a special occasion to make their baby’s first meal fun. As a loving mom, you would prefer to prepare a delicious meal to relish your child’s smile for every bite.

Here are some useful tips to make your baby’s first meals fun and enjoyable:

Making Mealtimes a Happy Moment

Since your child needs time to get accustomed to their new meal, be patient, and do not force them to eat. Instead, use tricks like attractive meals and friendly facial expressions to persuade them to eat.

Using a Fun Toddler Eating Area

A colorful feeding area for example, is a wiser way to make your baby’s mealtimes enjoyable. Additionally, you can spin fun mealtimes stories obtained from printed designs and characters to make your child smile at each bite.

Knowing When to Start

It is essential to begin your baby’s complementary feeding at an appropriate time. Or your child may develop a bad attitude towards their meals.

Do you know when your child is ready to enjoy their first bite of semi-solid foods? There are five significant signs when they show interest in table food, they get hungry more often, begin to develop teeth, and begin to have better control of their head, tongue and sitting position.

Being Creative with Tasty Recipes and Small Servings

You should always start your child’s meal with small servings, and you can gradually add the amount to their meals when your baby grows older. Using a combined steamer and blender to prepare their food is the smarter choice as the food can be prepared in mere minutes. Apart from that, only give your baby one new food at a time to avoid them from developing negative thought towards their food. Prior to introducing another new food, wait for at least four days after the first food is introduced to them. This way, your baby will get used to the food, and simultaneously, you can monitor closely any food that may cause bloating, stomachache, diarrhea and be alerted to any allergy signs that may arise from the food they have eaten.

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