Now, let’s see the bean tepee blossoming and beautifying your house along with the laughter of your kids playing happily around and inside this superb bean tepee! Kids would definitely have their imagination grown in this awesome gardening idea. Plus, you will also get a wondrous crop of pole beans or green beans.

Most children would prefer a “private” place where they could hide themselves or play in. Making a bean tepee is a fun project in your garden can also provide an ideal playhouse for your kids. Kids would definitely have their imagination grow in this awesome gardening idea plus, you will also get a wondrous crop of pole beans or green beans.

To make a bean tepee, you have to first set up your tepee frame. To do this, you will need 6 to 10 poles and string. Your poles can be made of any materials but avoid using heavy or solid metals, or thick wood rods for your kid’s safety in case they knock the tepee over. Typically, bamboo poles are used. Alternatively, you can use hollow aluminum, thin dowel rods, or PVC pipe.

The poles should be positioned in a place where at least 5 hours’ sunshine can be obtained by the plant. Take note that the poles should be placed at least 24 inches apart or you could place them further apart. This way, you could avoid the leaves of the beans growing too densely which may appear messy and unattractive.

As your desire, the length can be whatever you want but make sure that they are tall enough to enable your kids to stand up comfortably especially in its center. Also, its diameter should be wide enough so that your child(ren) can move around inside freely.

Also, pay attention to the soil where you place the poles. The soil should be enriched with organic material. Mark out the edge of the poorer soil where you position the bean tepee poles and amend the soil on the edge of that circle by applying organic fertilizer.

As soon as the poles are in place, tie them at its top using rope or string and wrap it around its intersecting poles. Make sure you tight the poles together firmly so that they do not fall out or loose off.

Runner bean or any pole bean work fine for this project and it is important that you plant a bean in particular that likes to climb up. A purple pod pole bean that is a bean with an interesting pod would be a good idea to plant! The brilliant red flowers of scarlet runner beans are a popular preference for planting the beans for the children’s bean tepee. Do not use bush beans for this project.

On each part of each pole, plant a bean seed and make sure it is grown approximately 2 inches deep. Optionally, you can plant flowering vines including morning glory or nasturtium on each third or fourth pole to add a bit splash of color and look spectacular in your garden! The seeds should be watered well.

In about a week, you should see the seeds germinating. Tie the beans loosely to the bean tepee poles as soon as the bean have been grown taller, and later, they should find their way to climb upwards. In order to force them to grow more densely and force them to branch out, pinch the tops of the bean plants.

Water the plants frequently and harvest any beans that grow out so that the bean vines are growing healthily and this will also keep the beans producing for your next harvest.

Congrats, you’re done! Now, let’s see the bean tepee blossoming and beautifying your house along with the laughter of your kids playing happily around and inside this superb bean tepee!

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