Stress is a normal body response towards physical, psychological and environmental stimuli. When we are angry, panicked or frightened, our body responds to this stress with a number of physical reactions and the factors that trigger this stress is known as stressors.

Do you know that stress can kill you? It is a silent killer. This is because stress increases the levels of cortisol production (a release of chemical substance) in your body which accelerates the aging process. Many clinical reports have shown that excessive stress or distress (due to the effect of prolonged excessive physical or emotional pressure on the human body) is linked to adverse health effects like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and certain types of cancers. If you carry “this burden” (stress) all the time or you are in a continuous state of stress throughout the days, sooner or later you will become very sick and age faster. Those who’re always under stress condition will have their lives shorten to 9 years. The more you stress, the shorter your life will be. So, my dear friend, whatever you are stressed about right now, just lay it down or find ways to reduce it.

Here are some suggested ways to reduce your stress:

Mentality stress: listening to music, reading, praying, meditation, singing, and etc.

Physical stress: window shopping, walking, swimming, cycling, Taichi, Yoga, Taisho, Tai kwon do, and etc.

Functionality stress: massage, hydro-therapy and Qigong.

Note: You can mix or match these methods. Just find out which works best for you and remember to make stress reduction as your habit if you are serious to live longer.

To relieve stress, you should schedule your life with activities into your day. Don’t rush, but plan on being 15 – 30 minutes beforehand. Cut out any noise or limit time spend with the radio, MP3, computer, mobile phone or any other electrical appliances to let your mind rest from being stressed and pressured. Thorough mentality and physical relaxation are a main key factor to relieve yourself from being stressed or panicked, while helping you to live longer.

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