Why Matter the Urine Test?

A urine test checks is deemed necessary as its results may give you information on different components of urine, and a waste product produced by our kidneys. The regular urine test also helps to find the cause of symptoms for certain diseases. Therefore, the test can give us invaluable information regarding the status of our health and the problems our body is facing.

According to “DNA in Urine Can Reveal Disease” written by Charles Q.Choi that was published in Live Science on August 16, 2006, a simple urine test for DNA fragments helps to detect the development of malaria, HIV, tuberculosis, cancer or other potentially dangerous diseases at its early stage. In 1996, David Tomei, a cell biologist and his colleagues discovered that short fragments of DNA from the body could cross the kidney’s filters into urine. This finding is important that it might transplant organs before symptoms of inflammation manifest or genetically test fetuses for birth defects.

In a failure process of fighting off a disease due to the malfunction of some organs in our body, excess and unwanted materials can be resulted in our urine, and thereby urine is as important as feces, which can be served as a good indicator to reveal what our body has been ingesting and the condition of our body as well. Despite of this reason, certain abnormal colors in our urine can indicate health problems, diseases or the imbalances of our diet.


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