The invention of musical instruments undoubtedly has brought and continues to bring pleasure to the world.

Everyone likes to listen to music. To listeners, music creates pleasurable feelings with the sound produced by a device called a musical instrument. Some musical instruments like an electronic organ are sophisticated devices while a triangle sounds very simple.

Basically, the musical instruments can broadly be categorized into percussion instruments, wind instruments, electronic instruments and string instruments as well.


For percussion instruments, the sound can be produced by simply striking it with some other objects or by hand(s). Cymbals, bells and drums are three examples of them. These musical instruments are mainly used for keeping rhythm and time, so they do not produce any notes of varying pitch.


The musical instruments that use the air to produce sound are called wind instruments. Four examples of them are clarinet, trumpet, bagpipes and saxophone. Normally, the players use his or her breath to force air into the musical device to produce the sound.


Electronic instruments are by far the latest types of musical devices invented to create unique and beautiful sounds. They use electronic circuits to produce sound. Examples include are the electronic organ and keyboard.


stringed instruments

With the use of taut strings strung across two ends, sound can be produced with string instruments. Its string may either be made from metal or gut. In order to produce sound, the string may be struck like a piano, played with a bow like a cello and a violin, or may be plucked like a guitar.

The invention of these marvelous instruments has undoubtedly brought pleasure to the listener. Likewise, the music is so popular nowadays that a large number of people enjoy playing a musical instrument of one form or another just to entertain themselves and provide themselves with stress relief from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

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