This is a mysterious creature found living in the flowing glacier in Hokkaido, Japan. This creature survives at the temperature of minus two. It is a type of plankton. It has a tiny head and its height is only 1.5cm.

This is a left-over product of quaternary glacier which has a record of 3 million years. It is found in Chongqing, China.

This is a rare and extraordinary view of the rainbow after rain.

This is Qiaogeli Peak situated in the northern part of Pakistan. It is regarded as the world’s second highest peak. The western climbers refer it as K2 Peak while Chinese authorities officially refer it as Qogir or Qiaogeli Feng.

This is a rare scene of water tornado occurred in the city of Kunshan in a province of Jiangsu, China.

This is a rare sandstorm that swept through the sky of a city in Jiayuguan in Gansu Province, China.

This “strange hoop of barley field” was discovered in the southern region of Russia. It is regarded as a new discovery by the local people there.

Photo shows a volcanic eruption took place in the eastern part of Java Province in Indonesia. This Buluomo Volcano vents out high temperature ashes, dust, and smoke as high as 3,000m.

This is the world’s most active Kilauea Volcano situated in the island of Hawaii, which lies against the southeast flank of much larger Mauna Lao Volcano in the United States. Its eruption is always accompanied with extremely hot steam plume and lava. The hot lava flows in the lava tube and may flow to cover a local road.

This is indeed a splendid look of Meteor and aurora. The meteor is a meteoroid that falls the Earth in a fiery tail which is a bright glow observed over the night sky.

This is a combination scene of comets and aurora over the sky of Alaska. The comet is a mixture of dust and frozen gases that is usually dark and in a solid body that sweeps across the space. The comets appear as the star-like and tiny balls to our naked eyes in this picture.

This is a sporadic, faint atmospheric phenomenon seen in the night sky from locations at high latitudes. This aurora may develop into steady greenish arcs, swirling curtains of yellow green light.

This is an extremely incredible landscape occurred on the top of the mountain. It seems like a shape of a mushroom.

This is a near-death star which is surrounded by a ladder looking nebulae.

This is the world’s tallest waterfall called Angel Falls. It is also known as Qiulumeilu Falls. It is located in the Gran Sabana region of Bolivia State, Venezuela in the Canaima National Park. Its total height is at 979m (3,212 ft) with a height of the longest drop of 807m (2,648 ft).

This is Iguazu Falls which is one of the top attractions to visit in South America. It is located in the border of Argentina and in Brazil that is 23km upstream of the converging point of Iguazu River and Parana River respectively. Iguazu Falls has a shape of horseshoe, 82m in height, and 4m in width. Its width is 4 times wider than the Niagara Falls in North America, and it is indeed slightly wider as compared to Africa’s Victoria Falls.

This is Aconcagua volcano which is situated in Argentina. It is an extinct and inactive volcano and also the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere with its elevation of 6.959m.

This is a rare look of double rainbows that appeared over the sky of Lhasa, a traditional capital of Tibet, China.

These are a series of wonder look of the occurrences of the lightning.

This is a spectacular scene that shows thousand birds flying over the sky of the National Parks of Costa Rica during the nightfall. The sun gradually sank itself beneath the earth.

This photo shows how a black hole devouring a star in the universe.

This is an icy scene seen near the mouth of Huang He River, China.

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