Take a glance at the goodness of plant-based milk. These plant-based drinks are certainly great for maintaining a healthy body.


Plant-based milk is a good alternative for animal-based milk. Why? Animal-based milk is always contaminated with hormones, antibiotics, microorganisms, and other chemical substances.

In general, plant-based milk refers to milk made from oat, rice or soya. These plant-based drinks are extremely healthy for human consumption because of the following reasons:

In plant based milk, the ratio for calcium and phosphorus is 2:1. Its higher phosphorus and calcium utilization and absorption property enables easier body absorption.

These drinks are rich in nutrient concentration such as omega-3, oligosaccharides and lecithin.

Due to its higher plant-based protein absorption, it is extremely healthy for the body. For example, soya beans contain approximately 30% protein which is almost twice the amount of beef.

Plant-based milk is packed with higher water-soluble fiber.

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