You and your friends were trapped in a crowded train. You noticed two persons coughing and sneezing in the train. Within a couple of days, you came down with a bad cold; and you blamed the two persons for spreading the germs in the air. Yet, your friend who was with you in the same train, exposed to the same germs at the same time, but he himself remained healthy.

You may ask what made the difference between you and your friend. The answer is simple. It is immunity, the power of the immune system. It is actually a network that can help us avoid sickness, and thus it is an underlying reason which sometimes makes us feeling very sick.

Few ways we can do to enhance our immunity as follows:

Exercise regularly

Fit your busy schedule for exercise purpose. Do exercises for two to three days a week. This can help improve the amount and activity of a number of the body’s immune cells. Though exercise benefits your health, you are not encouraged to exercise too much. Moderate exercise for about 30 minutes is more appropriate for healthy immune cells.

Eat plenty healthy and wholesome foods

Eat a well-balanced diet which is low in fat, oil and sugar, but rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fiber and enzyme. Fruits and vegetables are good sources for antioxidants that are needed to fight against free radicals formed in our body. Consume healthy and wholesome meals on a regular basis is important to fuel the body to build a strong healthy immune system.

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of fresh, oxygenated and alkaline water as water flushes toxins out from our body.

Always rest and relax

The body needs to recharge from the stress and strain of a hectic daily life. Adequate sleep and rest will help to restore our bodies and refresh our minds.

Breathe in fresh air

Oxygen is a key element for every cell in our body to survive. If a cell is lack of oxygen, it will die even for just a few seconds. Breathe in fresh air will help to rejuvenate and strengthen the immune cells.

Keep yourself away from cigarette smoke

Heavy smokers are more prone to cough and influenza than non-smokers. You should stay way the smoke even you do not smoke as the smoke can profoundly zap the immune system.

Always be positive minded

Always develop positive mental attitude as our mental attitude can strongly affect our immune system. Believe it or not, if you think you can recover from the illness, your immune cells will work better. In contrary, negative feelings depress the immune system.

Relieve stress, anxiety and panic

Excessive stress, anxiety and panic depress the immune system. Do something that you can find enjoyment to boost up your immune system. Avoid stressful, anxiety and panic whenever possible.

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