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Do you want to give shine to your house? Gain the knowledge of how to paint the interior of your house here.

Prior to painting the interior of the house by yourself, you need to follow some simple rules. First, you should stick to the following sequence of painting a room. Always begin with the ceiling before painting the walls. Then paint the wood work, around the doors and windows. Next will be the cornices and lastly the skirting. By doing so, you can ensure that the paint does not splash from the ceiling and will not ruin other painted areas.



After that, paint the difficult areas first such as corners and edges. In order to apply the paint in overlapping strokes, use either a roller or a brush. As you work on an area, always keep your strokes continuous. While moving from area to area, you should also overlap your stroke.

Depending on which you feel is more convenient, you can paint either left-to-right or in up-down motion. If the area allows it, lightly and gently finish off in an up-down stroke.

You should always paint two or more coats of the paint. Also, make sure that you complete the first coat and let it dry first. Then you can move on to paint the second coat. In regards to how much time is needed for the first coat to dry, simply refer to the label on your can of paint.

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