diabetes foot care

Many people with diabetes have foot problems because they fail to manage their diabetes properly and do not get their feet checked regularly.

To manage your diabetes and prevent complications, always aims to keep your blood glucose levels in the target range of between 3.8 mmol/L and 6.1 mmol/L while fasting not more than 7.8 mmol/L.

Every person with diabetes should take proper care of his or her feet.

  • Go for a thorough annual feet check-up at least once a year, which includes checking the sense of feeling and pulses of the blood vessels in your feet
  • Ask for a risk evaluation. Specific follow-up and treatment will be based on what risk category your feet are in
  • If you have lost sensation in your feet, remove your shoes and socks to have inspected during your check-up
  • Ask your doctor to ensure that the style and fit of your shoes are appropriate for your feet


At the same time:

  • Keep your feet clean by washing them daily with lukewarm water and mild soap. After you dry them, dust them with talcum powder
  • Avoid soaking your feet in water
  • Moisturize your feet regularly. However, remember to avoid using lotion or cream between the toes because this may cause an infection
  • Keep your nails clean and neat by trimming them following the shape of your toes and filling them with a nail file
  • Make it a daily habit to examine your feet for blisters, sores or cuts. If you find any that hasn’t healed in a day or two, inform your doctor.
  • Stay away from tight socks or stockings and never go barefoot anywhere
  • Avoid high heels and shoes with pointed toes and stay away from open-toed shoes or sandals

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