potted plants

Plotted plants can be quite easy to keep and maintain. You just need to take note of some essential things.

Potted plants are quite easy to plant and keep as you can either keep them outdoors or in the garden. You can either choose to plant small, flowering, or bigger sized non-flowering plants in pots.

The first thing you need to do is to look for a good sized pot. While selecting the pot, ensure that it has holes beneath. This is to avoid water from sitting inside.

The next thing you need to do is to fill the pot with soil, about three-quarters full. To fertilize the soil, you should mix the soil with some compost.

Using your hand, make a hole in the center of the soil. Next, put the sapling or cutting in the center. Then, you fill up the hole with more soil. In order to hold the sapling or cutting firmly in place, you have to press the soil down.

Now, we come to the last thing to do. Simply place the plant in a place that can get an adequate amount of sunlight. But, before doing this, you need to place it in a shady place at first, until the plant has rooted well. Water the plant every day but do not over water it. Every three months, turn the soil and add compost to it whenever necessary.

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