Rose bushes are one of the most favorable flowers that are used as a gift during a festive season like Valentine Day, Mother’s Day and etc. In this article, I will explain in details how to plant the rose plant. Let the beautiful rose plant bloom in your garden!

The first thing you need to do is to get some rich black soil. The soil is available in the nursery so you can buy it from there.

Then, get a new pot. Make sure that it is slightly bigger than the rose plant in the grow bag. Fill about half of the pot with the black soil.

Next, tend the rose plant in the plastic bag. Moisten the soil by pouring a little water into the bag with the rose plant.

Now, pat the sides of the bag with your hands. This is to ensure that the soil stays compact.

Using a pair of garden scissors cut the plastic bag. Be careful while cutting the bag, so that it will not loosen the soil. Slowly and gently place the rose plant into the new pot.

Then, pour the remaining black soil in order to fill the pot. Press the soil down firmly and tap the pot slightly to let the soil settle.

Finally, water your rose plant and stop watering it when you see water seeping out from the drainage hole of the pot. If necessary, add a little more soil to the pot. Remember not to put the pot under direct sunlight.

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