planting vegetables

Hydroponics method is a promising way to produce many fresh vegetables as an alternative to the conventional method that plants vegetables in the soil.

Besides planting vegetables in the soil, hydroponics is a great method of planting vegetables in water.

Just follow some simple steps as explained below:

First, you will need to get some plastic cups ready with holes, cotton wool, vegetable seeds, a Styrofoam lid with holes, a basin and a small bag of fertilizer.

Second, fill your basin with some water.

Third, add some fertilizer into the water.

Forth, use a Styrofoam with holes to cover the basin.

Fifth, place some plastic cups in the holes of the Styrofoam lid.

Sixth, in order to retain water, put some cotton wool into the cups for the vegetable to grow well.

Finally, you can choose to put two to three vegetable seeds inside each cup.

You’re done! Congrats!

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