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I am sure you like gardening and love to have plants to decorate your home. The steps mentioned in this article will enable you to have your first desired plant!

You love gardening but do not know where to start from. The steps described below will help you to have your first plant.

#1: If you are planting a seedling, you should make sure it is ready to be planted. Do you know that root hairs dry out the moment they are in contact with the air? So, make sure your get the seedling when it is ready to be planted.

#2: Choose a place where you would like to plant a tree/plant and dig a hole in the ground. Your hole has to be much wider than the root ball. Remember to leave a base of soil to firm it up particularly at the bottom of the hole.

#3: Gently remove the seedling and put it into the hole on top of the soil. While you are filling the root ball with soil, hold the seedling carefully.

#4: Around the seedling, build a ring. This way, you can create a watering saucer and this will protect the plant from the mower.

#5: Within a 5 feet diameter around the tree, have all the weeds and grass pulled out.

#6: Now, water the seedling with a slow flow until the soil settles.

#7: Stake the seedling with wood posts to secure it if you discover that your seedling is not steady.

Congrats! You’re done! Now, just wait for your first plant to bloom healthily in your garden or backyard.

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