You’re not going to see gray hair in the mirror, if you think negatively. So, what on earth to live a boring life if you can make your outlook youthful, go out young, always get yourself connected with people and current issue to leave “a good looking corpse”?

Undeniably, our life throws each of us a lot of curves. Life is described as being “born Vs death”, “freedom Vs responsibility”, and “comfort Vs affliction”. No one on this earth can tell you that they go through life without running into problems or obstacles. Though some of these problems or obstacles can be painful, but what’s important is how you face them with courage and confidence. If you think negatively, you can become ineffective in dealing with them. You can think positively by considering them as a blessing in life as they’re good teachers to teach you the real face of life and destiny. When you’re facing problems, think positively as below:

If someone important to you does something negative to you, you should do something positive to them.

If someone distrusts you, you shouldn’t distrust them.

If someone treats you badly, you shouldn’t treat them worse.

If someone despises you, you shouldn’t despise them.

If a person wants to be your enemy, you shouldn’t treat them like an enemy.

If someone treats you like an enemy, they should never deserve your resentment.

If someone says something nasty to you, you should never say something nasty back.

If someone has treated you badly or poorly, you shouldn’t return them with poor or wicked treatment.

When someone hurts you, you should find a way they won’t know about to get even.

If someone hates you, you should never hate them.

A person who has felt contempt for you deserves no contempt from your side.

You should give help to those who treat you badly.

When someone treats you badly, you still act nice to them.

Thinking positively is important as it increases your white blood cell count which helps you fight off infection and disease. A positive thinker is always better equipped with a significantly stronger immune system. If you’ve bad emotion and think negatively, you’re risking your life for cancer, coronary heart disease, depression, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Specifically, if you’re optimistic towards your life, the world would become a beautiful masterpiece of art, or else, the world would appear scary and horrible for those who have more negative thought patterns. One philosopher once said, “A life is a mirror”. When you cry, it’ll cry; and when you smile, it’ll smile too. The bottom line: Not only positive thinking can make you happier and healthier but also longevity as well. It seems that positive thinking may also help with the way you cope with pain. It also appears to me that positive outlives negative. Peace reigns war. Love destroys hate and jealousy.

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