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Chat rooms are dangerous places as they have become a place where unknown persons use this opportunity to lure children or even adults into illegal activities.

Undoubtedly, people nowadays use the internet as a great source of entertainment, communication and information. But, it does come with a negative side.

Chat rooms are not a safe place as they can be a breeding ground for troublemakers and scammers. It is particularly important that each parent should warn his or her teenaged children of the dangers while engaging in chat rooms. Chat rooms, in facts, can lure children into illegal activities. So, parents should tell their children the dangers of the internet.


Parents should advise their children never to reveal real names, ages or any personal information about themselves. Predators can take the smallest parcel of information and wreak disaster on their lives. Passwords, of course, should never be given to anyone. The reason is that passwords can give total access to mailboxes and later can create havoc with the cyber life.


While opening files or e-mails, children should be careful. They should not open files or mails from people they do not know and even familiar names can hold messages containing viruses and Trojans so they should check to see that there is something in the subject line. Again opening these things may invite undesirable and unsuitable information, or even a virus that could destroy software or eat away the important data.

If, during a chat, a teenager feels uncomfortable, they should sign out immediately. The teenager should not insist to meet a chat friend alone.


Parents should play a role by keeping an eye on their children’s internet activities so that they have a better idea of the kind of activities they are involved in. They should highlight the potential risks of the internet to their children and tell them what they should stay away from.

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