Here are useful tips to prevent choking in children. Use these tips to keep your children safe while playing with toys.

Baby playing with rattle


It is very common for children, especially the younger ones, to choke on small objects. There are few safety tips which are helpful guidelines to keep your little ones safe from choking.

  1. Always educate the older children to play a major role in keeping their toys away from younger siblings.
  2. Always follow the age recommendation printed upon children’s toys. This information is important as it suggests which age group the toy is suitable for.
  3. Be mindful of buttons and other smaller ornaments found on the toys. You should also check the toy, if the noses or eyes of the stuffed animals are properly secure to be given to the children.
  4. Smaller parts of toys including marbles, small coins, balls, balloons, buttons, or other smaller ornaments should be kept off the floor and out of the reach of the children.
  5. Make sure you keep toys specially designed for older children out of reach of the younger ones.

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