Preindustrial people tend to develop hypertension as they feed their stomachs more on refined, packaged and processed foods. The condition is totally different when you come across indigenous Yi people in southwestern China – these rural farmers never develop hypertension. You may ask why. The reason is very simple: they eat a traditional diet-rice, a little meat and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, but they do not eat processed foods. Due to this reason, people in primitive settings have no change in blood pressure as they grow older. So, now you will not wonder why the lure of fast foods and even couch-potato can shorten life span for years. Specifically, living on fat, empty calories and salt can only put you in a nasty consequence of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. The combination of high salt, high sugar, and high fat, generally, has brought negative impacts by damaging our brain and organs in an extreme extent, until one day you find hard to recognize or distinguish what is bad and what is good. Therefore, you should aware with the foods put into your mouth, before the foods trigger you to death or put you in affliction.

Why processed foods are dangerous to our health? The main culprit here is “salt”. Nowadays, many foods are added with salt or Sodium chloride in almost every stage of processing and preparation. Take for an example, a 4-ounce tomato has 9mg of sodium, and 4-ounce-bottled tomato sauce contains about 700mg – this figure sounds appalling! That means, each of us, nowadays, consume more salt than potassium. This diet pattern betrays the rule that is fixed by our ancestors 7 million years ago, in which the rule said that we should get 10 times more potassium than sodium in our diet. So, how could we not become the victim of hypertension?

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