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Learn how to take your pulse- both to measure your working our heart rate and your resting heart rate.

You’ll need to know how to take your pulse – both to measure your working out heart rate and your resting heart rate, so that you can monitor your heart rate during the endurance training.

To measure your exercise heart rate, the preferred locations can either be at your wrist (the radial pulse) or at your neck (the carotid pulse). Just select the location that works well for you.

take a carotid pulse

Here, I’ll teach you how to locate your carotid pulse at your neck. Take your first two fingers and position them outside of your eye on your temple. Now, slide your fingertips downward from the middle of your temple to the side of your neck. You should begin to feel your pulse. Take note not to press on your pulse or to massage your neck. Use a gentle touch instead.

take a radial pulse

Here’s a handy tip to locate your radial pulse at your wrist. To find your radial pulse, place your wrist palm facing upward in the palm of your other hand. Now, wrap your fingers around your wrist. You should start to feel the pulse in the area between the tendons and the bone.

% of Maximum heart rate (MHR)
60 – 65%
65 – 70%
A little difficult
70 – 75%
Moderately difficult
75 – 80%


Fitness level
% of Maximum heart rate (MHR)
Beginner/ low
50 – 60%
60 – 70%
75 – 85%

Once you locate your pulse, keep following these simple steps to count. Now, start counting immediately. Take a ten-second count for your exercise pulse. Multiply that number by six for your one-minute heart rate. If you’re taking your resting heart rate first thing in the morning, remember to count for a full one minute.

heart rate

Note: Your resting heart rate should be measured in the morning 5 minutes after you wake. If you cannot measure it then, measure it at night after laying on your bed for 10 minutes.

A one-minute count is not suggested for your exercise heart rate as your pulse will slow down from the time you begin taking the count to when you finish. While taking your exercise heart rate, be sure to keep your legs moving. You can either march or walk in place.

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