It is not a happy song for all those animals being headed in the slaughterhouse. Most of them are crying for being tortured in a cruel and barbaric manner! The method of preparation is so controversial! The chef or the torture squad has a heart as cold as the ice and as black as the most lifeless corners of the outer space as they kill those animals with no feeling!

Undeniably, it is cruel to cook and eat live animals. Even though this practice is permitted in certain cultures it is indeed an ethical debate. What do you think then?

Below are some dishes which are prepared in a horrifying scene and questionable condition as well.

WARNING: There are some disturbing images.

A Monkey’s Brain

A lovely monkey is forced to pull to the dining table. The monkey is tightly held with hoops over its hands and legs. One of the diners uses a hammer to knock hardly at the monkey’s head. Its skull ran out from its head and the diners use a stick of iron rod to extract its brain out. The monkey screamed terribly before ending its life under the table. Some of the hungrier diners may use their spoons to scratch through the bloody monkey’s brain and eats in a greedy manner as though they have not dined for a long period. The diners alternately eat the raw brain satisfactory with all their limbs covered with smelly blood. Some may prefer to dip the brain into the herb’s soup to add in the aroma while eating.

Comment: I cannot imagine how these people swallow this bloody delicacy without regret and fear. It is indeed disgusting to see they chew on the bloody brain.

Degree of cruelness: ★★★★★

A Baby Rodent

The delicacy is decorated with some of the newly born rodent. The diner uses a pair of chopsticks to hold the live rodent. The first “chi” sound is head as the rodent cannot bear the pain of being clipped by two unusual sticks. When the diner dips the rodent into the sauce, the second “chi” sound is heard. When the rodent is being placed in the diner’s mouth, the third “chi” sound is heard again.

Comment: It is so scary to see people who are eating this delicacy. And those who invented this type of delicacy should have put in a jail for abusing the animal in such a terrible manner. How sad to see those people who dined in this delicacy in a happy mood!

Degree of cruelness: ★★★★☆

Live Donkey Meat and Water Donkey Meat

This live donkey meat or called Huo Jia Lu is quite popular in China. This dish is questionable and is prepared with a torture technique. Its legs are tied firmly with its body facing downward, and then the chefs cut its uncooked body in order to serve their diners immediately. What horrible thing happens next is that the diners quietly eat the flesh among the earsplitting cries from the animal without having any mercy.

The other one is water donkey meat or known as Jiao Lu Rou. Prior to pouring boiling water onto the donkey’s raw flesh, the butcher cut its skin with no feeling. He then uses a knife and … (you should guess it right what is going to happen next, huh? )


For the love of God, why are you doing this to us?!” The fellow donkeys yelled out while bearing on unbearable pain! Brothers and sisters, anyone hungry seeing this animal struggles painfully?

Degree of cruelness: ★★★★☆

A Flesh of Turtle

A live turtle is simmered with some appropriate amount of seasonings and herbs. When the water boils out, the turtle is put into the water. Due to an extreme heat, the turtle will drink lots of water and got its body completely burnt out by the hot water. The cook then lets the turtle be soaked into the herbs solution to bring out a good aroma for the diner. When the water gradually becomes hot, the turtle will struggle helplessly in pain.

Comment: It is cruel to see a live turtle struggling in the extremely hot water. Why human has to torture animal in this manner just to satisfy their eating instinct?

Degree of cruelness: ★★★★☆

Roasted Duck’s Legs

A live duck is placed on the slightly hot hot-plate. Prior to this, appropriate amount of seasonings is rubbed all over the duck’s body. Due to the heat on the hot-plate, the duck will try its every attempt to move about the hot-plate, and from time to time, it jumps slightly onto the hot-plate. Finally, its legs are fully roasted, but its body is still alive. The cook then cuts off its legs to be placed on the plate to be ready to serve to the diner. The remaining part of the duck is then kept freezing for other usages.

Comment: This is a disgusting delicacy if viewing from its preparation until it is served to the diner.

Degree of cruelness: ★★★★☆

A Live Fresh of Donkey

With this delicacy, the donkey meat is eaten raw without cooking. The diner uses a special fork and spoon to scratch some of the flesh out of the donkey. One can see the meat is covered with fresh red blood before it is send to the diner’s mouth. The more the diner heard the screaming of the donkey, the more excited they will be to dine on this delicacy.

Comment: What types of human being are those diners belong to? They are not qualified to be named as a “HUMAN” as they show no benevolence towards the donkey’s painful screaming. This eating behavior is the cruelest in the world’s delicacy that I had had encountered before.

Degree of cruelness: ★★★★★

A Wind Dried Chicken

To make this delicacy, the cooks need to response fast in order to restore its freshness. They peel off the chicken’s feathers; take out the heart in an astonishing short time of 5 minutes. Later, they get the chicken’s abdomen filled up with seasonings before sewing it up. Finally, they hung it like a wind chime to dry it out before serving to the diner.

Within the whole preparation, the chicken is still alive, and it will keep on making a noisy sound. It will also struggle painfully on the palms of the cooks. Their palms are obviously bathed in large amount of smelly red blood.

Comment: This chicken has to bear on painful torture with its heart and feathers removed. The diner eats on this dried alive chicken with great pleasure. Indeed, this delicacy made me vomiting while looking at the diners who eat it in a high-spirited mood.

Degree of cruelness: ★★★☆☆

A Flesh of Live Shrimp

A cup of Brandy, whisky or Vodka is poured evenly onto some live Shrimps. The diner tastes on this flesh shrimp with a great excitement.

Comment: I am shocked and disgusted by the diner’s eating habit.

Degree of cruelness: ★★☆☆☆

Grilled Lamb

A female goat which is going to give birth is thrown into a charcoal fire to burn until golden brown color. When it is entirely burnt, the cook will cut through its abdomen to take out the softness of its young. The cook said that in this manner, the softness of the grilled lamb can give a diner a good feeling to eat.

Comment: This is another delicacy that fills me with disgust.

Degree of cruelness: ★★★☆☆

Salad with crawling ants

This salad is served with crawling ants. You can see ants crawling all over the lettuce leaves. Are you supposed to eat this ant salad? Wouldn’t you scream out “yuck” while looking at ants crawling all over your lettuce leaves?

Comment: I, indeed, can’t really stand for this insect eating culture. For me, I get extremely bad feeling for those who consume this dish.

Degree of cruelness: ★★☆☆☆


Ikizukuri (いきずくり) is a Japanese cuisine which literally means “prepared alive”. When you walk into a sushi place in Japan, you will be introduced for this “sound appetizing” dish which is prepared with unspeakable horror condition. The cook grabs a fish out of a tank. He then immediately begins slicing the fish up without killing it, which is while it still flops around the cutting board just before you. On your plate, he throws the fish while it is still knocking and twitching around your plate.

Besides this dish, the Chinese also has a delicacy called Yin Yang Fish (originated in Taiwan) which is as equally horrifying dish just like ikizukuri. It is said that the living fish is dipped into oil and is fried while it is still alive. It is then placed living right up over your plate. When you plunge your fork onto its flesh its terrifying face is staring at you with pain-filled consciousness.

Comment: With the fish horrifying eyes keep staring on you while its gills still working to try hardly to gasp for air, would you want to dine on this? Its pain-filled eyes looking at you eating its flesh and with its last few seconds of pain-filled consciousness it asks you weakly in a tone…”why..why …why are you eating me? Why..why..wh…y…w???”

Degree of cruelness: ★★★★☆


Sannakji (산낙지) is a Korean cuisine which alive octopuses (낙지, a small octopus) is served to the diners. The octopus is chopped into smaller pieces while still alive and served immediately with lightly seasoned sesame oil and sesame or it is served as a live baby octopus. This raw dish is served while the nakji pieces are still squirming around the plate. When someone try to eat, the tentacles are still flailing around, sound yucky right? Well, there has been a case of the suction cups attaching to one’s esophagus and throat!

Comment: It puts chill down to my spine to eat such scary dish!

Degree of cruelness: ★★★★☆

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