If you are always complaining lonely, how do you think this old woman feel? She is living in a small cramped home full of rubbish. People tease her about being old and curse her for being useless. Though you may feel dissatisfied with life, you still have people to support and encourage you. What does she have? She has to go through all the hard life with lots of tears that nobody takes any initiatives to understand her situation and feeling.

This old man is sitting on a pavement in a busy town. He has been sitting there for six hours playing the musical instrument in hope that someone may throw few coins to him. He has sacrificed his time and energy supporting his children who are away at the university. If you happened to pass him, would you be generous enough to reach in your pocket or purse and donate some money to him? He is indeed needed the money badly for his children’s education.

We may be able to be picky about our selection of shoes, selecting a certain style or brand that we like better than another. We find reasons to indulge ourselves in more expensive clothing when there are those who have to hand sew their clothing and patch it numerous times in order to get more use of these items. They cannot afford to buy new. His old shoes are extremely valuable to him because he is not able to replace them.

If you think your life is harsh, take a look at this elderly lady. She does not complain about the hard work she has to do daily in order to survive. Even though she has but a short time yet to live she will get up early in the morning and travel great distances in order to collect tree branches. These she sells at the market for only a small amount of money in order to sustain her life.

If you think that your childhood was difficult, and then you need to stop and think about what kind of childhood this toddler has. Growing up you had toys and warm delicious and nutritious meals daily. He is lucky to find a handful of rice, and very seldom has anything to eat with it. Comparing our childhood to his will make us realize that we are lucky and blessed.

This young girl should be at home enjoying healthy meals and preparing her homework. However, she has the unfortunate fate of having to beg for sustenance, and depend on someone’s generosity in order to survive.

Can you understand the feeling of being handicapped? Do we truly realize how lucky we are if we are born without handicap? We look in the mirror and complain about the smallest flaws in our appearance instead of being grateful for being born whole. Why don’t we appreciate what we have?

If we lose a few hours sleep we may complain. This girl comes from a poor family and has anxiously awaited news to find out if she can enroll in the university. She has spent many nights without sleep.

Do we thank those who work outdoors in inclement weather with wet clothing or hot sun building our homes and businesses? You do not see these construction workers complain, but working quite energetically and with good spirits. Indeed, I pay high respect to them.

We complain about our homes or apartments and spend much time and money on making them comfortable. Imagine not having a roof over your head. There are those who do not have an address or a place they call their own.

If you feel the society treats you inequality, how about the man in the picture who has to bear on heavy loads on his shoulders? He never complains for the hardships. Instead, he expresses his gratitude for being employed as a worker.

If you think that doing homework becomes a pressure and burden for you, how about her? A brick is the only place where she writes something on.

If you feel the school’s facility is inadequate, how about these students who have to kneel while learning? Don’t you feel pity towards them? This dilemma is facing by the poor students in a remote area to whom their existence may have been ignored by the authority.

Stamp your feet on my chest hardly, and the nails beneath me can help me raising some money from the passer-by. This is one of the scene how a poor raising money for life.

Due to the poverty, many children have to stop from the schools. They have to climb up mountain to dig up herbs to help earning for a living.

The outdated teaching method and an extremely poor study environment never stop their desires from learning. So, why do you still grumble, “I’m tired of studying.”

This is a small classroom with a dim light. The teacher has to climb to the roof and open the windows to let some light in.

Mr. Yee was giving a lecture to the students. He told the students, “You all have to study hard. Next time, when you grow up, you can take a train to Beijing…..” Beijing has become the farthest paradise for these students here. I was taking pictures behind them and I could feel hot tears rolling over my eyeballs.

Five children from a village are walking to a school. They have to walk few kilometers passing through the mountain, and unfortunately nobody fetch them by car, or by bus. Their parents have gone out to work, and thus these children have to learn to be independent. They know how to cook, how to sew clothes, how to clean house and etc. I think this is a good practice for our generations to learn to take care of themselves.

Due to a geographical setting, eastern part of China particularly in the area of Gansu, Ningxia and Xiabei has engaged with the worst drought ever. It is the most serious area suffering with water shortage ever recorded in a history of China. Its annual average rainfall is only 300mm but its evaporation rate is as high as 1,500 to 2000 mm. A severe water shortage has put people living in poverty. Children here have very outdated syllabus taught in school on the cause of water shortage. People here, particularly the women, have a very worrying state of health condition.

Due to an extreme drought, most of the children only have a little water to wash up their faces before going to school. As compared to us, we are lucky as we do not have to suffer the water shortage like them. We sit in an office, turning the tap; the water runs out like a fountain. After working for a day, we enjoy a bath from a water heater, and the running water enables us to get some house work done.

A mother only has a small basin of mud water for cooking. This is not because they do not care about their hygiene, but because of lack of water. For them, they may have only taken a bath once a month.

This is not a crazy story as it is reported in the newspaper that they have not taken bath for 13 years. It is not a story I created here to lie to you, but it is really a fact they are facing.

They have to walk more than 10 kilometers everyday just to fetch some water. It has become a famous song here, “When the cock wakes us up, we’ll go out to fetch water; when the sun sinks, it’s time for us to get home.”

When gazing at those people here, especially the poor children, my tears kept on rolling down from the cheeks. I cannot bear on crying for them. Few question marks flashed through my brain, “Who is going to take a responsibility to improve their living situations? They are just like any other children, but why they’ve no rights to enjoy the best education like anyone of us? What’s wrong with them? Why they’ve to suffer in this manner? Where is the fairness for a human living under the same sky?”

While we are enjoying a comfortable life, do we always think of those unfortunate people? Ask yourself; do you always ignore their existence? They just need a few minutes of our time.

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