Natto has been globally known for its longevity folk around the world. It is originated from Chinese herbal and being produced when fermenting the soy bean with bacillus subtitlis. The essence of Natto enzyme found in Natto is now widely accepted by the Japanese. Now, Natto has become a famous food for most of the Japanese in Japan.

You may come across with this Natto in Japan’s supermarkets, retail stores, and almost everywhere in Japan. Their love to Natto is beyond the word that can be described here. You may ask why Japanese like to consume Natto? That is because Natto contains lots of nutritional substances such as vitamin B, vitamin K, Saponin, Isoflavone, Amino Acid and Linoleic Acid.

Natto has a special enzyme called Nattokinase which cannot be found in any vegetables or fruits. Nattokinase is only found in soy bean that grows in beneficial fungus. Also, scientist had recognized Nattokinase as a major reason why Japanese live longer as compare to other nations in the world.

Natto enzyme which is found in Natto can decompose thrombus in blood vessel, prevent from Myocardial infarction, high blood pressure, brain Hyperemia and etc. Natto enzyme is also proved to be able to cure heart disease that has been one of the top killers in the world.

Enzyme in alkali base found in Natto acts to neutralize blood, maintain intestinal health and improve germinal resistance. Natto has a decompose effect towards toxins by decomposing harmful substances, and cleansing blood toxic which indirectly promoting good health. Also, Natto decomposes glucose of old tissue in our skin, remove wrinkle, death skin which further promoting skin renewal process. Blood purification of Natto will discharge any metabolisms’ wastes from blood and detoxify the infected tissues from our body.

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