When the light bulb suddenly goes out and turns black you can’t see anything around you. And at this very moment you have no idea what to do. Do not worry as you will soon know how to replace a fused light bulb in your house.


As incandescent light bulbs function at a high temperature, it is recommended not to do anything when a light bulb fuses. Instead, wait for about five minutes to allow the bulb to cool down.

The next thing you need to do is turning the light switch off, so that you will not come in contact with any live electrical contact.


screw type bulbs

screw type bulbs

Next, remove the fused light bulb. For your information, there are two types of mounting: the bayonet type or the screw type. For the bayonet mounting, slightly push the bulb into the socket followed by turning the bulb slightly counter clockwise. The bulb should finally come out of its socket easily. If the bulb has screw mounting, grab hold of the bottom of the bulb followed by turning it counter clockwise. The bulb should loosen and come out of its socket after a few turns.

Then, discard the fused bulb in an appropriate place and replace it with a new one. Take note that the process of replacing the light bulb is the reverse to that of removing it. For a bulb with a bayonet mounting, put the new bulb into the socket until you feel some resistance, and then push slightly placing the bulb into the socket. Turn the bulb slightly clockwise and the bulb should latch on and not fall out. For a bulb with a screw mounting, insert the bulb into the socket followed by turning it clockwise until you feel it can turn no further. Make sure that you do not over-tighten it and it should install and not fall out easily.

Lastly, turn the light switch on. Congrats, you are done! Your new light bulb should light up now!

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