The playground is a fun place for children to play. There are, of course, certain guidelines that should be taken to ensure their safety.

Children like to play on the playground. Below are essential guidelines to ensure children’s safety while they are playing in the playground:

All elevated platforms on the playground should be surrounded by guard rails. The rails should be 38 inches high for school-age children while at least 29 inches high for preschool-aged children.

Playgrounds should be maintained for both cleanliness and usability. Report any problems.

While the children are playing, they should be supervised by adult(s).

Stationary equipment provided on the playground should have at least a 6-foot use zone in all directions.

Check for any sharp objects, or sharp edges and dangerous hardware such as nails as these items will injure the children.

Make sure your child only plays on age-appropriate equipment.

Check for any tree roots, rocks, or exposed concrete footings that can trip the children.

Around the playground equipment, its surrounding surfaces should be covered with at least 12 inches of loose fill such as sand, pea gravel, or wood chips.

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