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A secret banquet’s invitation from an animal planet is now screening.


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Humor2u dot com is proud to present you its latest e-movie entitled “A secret banquet’s invitation from an animal planet.” This e-movie script was originally written by its script writer, Mr. Unknown. According to its director, Mr. Scorpion, this e-movie took a substantial cost of $XXX million. The unique of this e-movie is that the “banquet” here does not refer to a large formal meal. Instead, it means a meal to feed you to laugh. Mr. Scorpion emphasized that this e-movie is intended to entertain the audience and to let people releasing stress from the bustle life of a city. The e-movie is starring by its renowned stars: Babu, Tozo, Zizag, Lulu, Momong, Papong, Brag, Olon, T-wire, and so forth. You can watch this e-movie via 24-hour-televised service brought to you by Stanza Ltd. All rights are reserved by Keep stay tuned and do enjoy this e-movie! Thank you!

Here goes this e-movie….

Topa: Someone said I look like a gnat on a peterbilt. Agree???

(pause for a while)

Umm……..What’s wrong with my teeth? Too big…???

I just proposed to someone this morning, huh…. I guess she’ll like my teeth very much!

Wheel (the right polar bear): That’s some real fine work, well done, Olon!

Olon: Wha’? I wish I could take your compliment.

Wheel: Never let everyone scare you! Whatever mess you’re in, I’ll be by your side!

Olon: Oh, thanks! I’m moving… (some tears are falling off his face)

Zeze: Hey, girl, don’t play the game with me again, all right? I’m serious this time, please accept my proposal!

Girl: Wha’ are you talkin’ `bout? I dunno you, you must have been mistaken!

Zeze: Yer gettin’ me to have a hit in the mouth…..

Babu: Oh, no, why my face looks like this stuff? It’s hit! This is too bad `coz it doesn’t look like me……

Mr. Lion: Hey, brother, let me tellin’ you, yer bein’ pound-foolish in front of me!

Bobo (cat): From now on, I’m your new commander-in-chief, and you’re my corporate lackey! You gotta to listen to me, understand?

All dogs: Yeap, sir! (Giving salute to Bobo by swaying their tails)

Bobo: My men will see you’re all behaved properly. If you got the job done, my men will make sure you walk away without the interference of our pit bulls. Understand???

All dogs: Yeapppp….!!!! (yawning)

Brag(dog): Hey dude, this kid (hamster) thought you actually played for Random.

Babu( cat): Well, I’m not really surprised as this kid was pathetically dumbfounded!

(turning to the hamster).

This just to prove my point.

Jabu: I’m sorry, boss, I’m a couple minutes late, `coz I over slept.

Boss: You donut, don’t do it again or I’ll fire you!

Zulu (rat) : Hey, I got caught running your setup, being your bait, and got all the money you want! Cut me loose just like you agreed earlier!

Quxo (cat) : No, no, yer being caught wasn’t my business! I won’t let you go like that, will I ?

Zulu: Wha’?

(under the breath)

I’ve been trapped by your double cross…


So, this is the part where you go back on your word? C’mon, Quxo, you already got the boat, show a little good faith…..

Lulu: Hey girl, you wanna go see a movie?

Girl: No, thanks! I’m hit.

Lulu: Oh, I aint gotta your heart,…

Girl: `Coz I hate you to behave like dat!

Lulu: C’n I’ ave a glass o’ water wi’ you?

Girl: Don’t talk nonsense!

Lulu: Don’t….let your beauty get in the way now, girl!

Girl: Shut up you dirty mouth! I don’t wanna to talk to you, you’re a right idiot!

Koko (the first dog from the right): Hey man, why aren’t you swanning off on holiday? Rest here….And you think you’re surrounded with a beautiful beach and white sand….

Tata (the forth dog from the left): Hey brother, are you a junkie?

Koko (with an angry look): Wha’? What…..are you saying, man? Stuff your mouth with a cough mixture…!!!

Tata: Hey man, I didn’t come here to cause trouble! I just come here as I engage with Mr. Bean’s Holiday appointment. See, I bring along Mr. Bean’s toy bear with me!

Koko (surprising): ……………

Mimi (the cat from the left): That fellow took away my girl and locked her somewhere! I’m sick thinkin’ of her! (feeling very sad)

Sasa: I understand the impulse to pull the trigger, but if you lose yourself, you’re goin’ to lose everything! Pull yourself together, Mimi!

Mimi: All right, I won’t waste my time worrying! I’m gonna to think a way out of it!

Tozo (little dophin): Mom, I’m wondering wha’ is up back home. Sechuan earthquake, global warming, tsunami, tornado, volcano’s eruption……will all these natural disasters ruined our home? I’m hitting a nerve…..yuk!

Huda (mother dolphin): Kid, we can’t do anythin’……Human has polluted our environment! Just do whatever we can! Always remember to recycle, reuse and reduce….

Tozo: Mom, will it goin’ to be better tomorrow….?

Huda: Yeap, if only human takes initiative to promote the use of environmental-friendly products….besides producing less pollutants!

Tozo: We got to put more banners elsewhere to help raise human’s awareness towards this environmental issue!

Huda: Good, we must put ’em now before more pollutants are releasing by humans to our bathtub!

Stranger: Where’s the rest of the money? Where d’you hide ’em? It won’t be so few dollars!

Habo (cat): Money? Are you kidding wi’ me? I just have this much!

Stranger: Tell me, or I’ll kill you!

Habo: Cut me loose, then I’m gonna help you get it then!

Momong (little penguin): Mom, finally, Obama Barack aced his opponent, Hillary Clinton in the primary nomination of the presidential election in America.

Papong (mother penguin): Oh, really. White house was going to put a new face, I guess!

Momong: I saw Obama was printed on the T-shirt and came out as a front cover of TIME’s magazine. Mom, I’m goin’ to get one of the T-shirts….

Papong: (with her eyes lowered). Umm, you think a new T-shirt is better than an old dirty rag????

Momong is painting his body with an Obama’s face. Looking at this, Papong said, “Son, are you out of mind?”

Momong: Hmm……..????

T-Wire (the first giraffe from the left): Hmm, the people I’m workin’ for,…..uh, they…sold me down the river! (feeling disappointed)

Zizag: Oh, really, poor stuff to hear!

T-wire: That’s why I just want to go out to sea with you….

Zizag: You sure what you said…..?

T-wire: Yo, let’s run! Run, run, forest…..!

(turning back)

T-wire: Zag, I’ll free if I didn’t have that job hanging over me anymore! If….if….if……

Zizag: Yo, hurry up, got to hurry, run, run, run……!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the ending of this e-movie. Thank you for spending your time to watch this e-movie script, interesting, right?

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