These creatively designed advertisements explore the dangerous effects of smoking. This anti-smoking campaign has long been launched by nonprofits organizations to help create public awareness towards the damaging effects of smoking.

The anti-smoking campaign has been held worldwide, particularly during every May, 31st on No Tobacco Day to help create public awareness towards the fatal effects of smoking. These creative and educational advertisements are made to urge people to stop smoking, and the messages contained within help the smokers to initiate their strong desire to attempt to quit smoking for the sake of their and their loved one’s health.

With so much “nutritional value” attached to a cigarette, does it make you more likely to light up and have a puff?

Smoking doesn’t sound as sweet as a kiss from a girl. It doesn’t leave you a sweet sensation, so why would you bother to smoke?

Tobacco causes more deaths than terrorism. The hazardous substances found in a cigarette can as well pollute our environment.

Stop smoking today before it stops your life!

Smoking is a silent killer because the smoke can eventually form a complete gun to shoot you.

Come on, friend. Do you think smoking is cool? A cigarette is just like a bomb which can explode any time.

After smoking for two years, you will actually accumulate large amounts of tar inside your lungs.

Smoking causes over 4 million premature deaths each year worldwide.

The more puff you smoke, the shorter your life will be.

Think twice before lighting up your second puff! Each puff you have can directly kill your loved one!

Smoking can add negative effects on your loving child. Do you want to endanger your loving child with this cruel act?

Smoking neither adds pleasure nor happiness to the smokers. This woman had had about twenty amputations done due to her smoking habits.

Smoking can eventually burn up your meaningful life into ashes.

This advertisement has been created on No Tobacco day and it surprisingly conveyed a powerful message on the lethal effect of smoking.

This is another successful advertisement that warns us about the danger of smoking. Each puff you smoke is viewed as if it is a bullet aimed from a loaded gun, and may eventually kill you.

Smoking cannot be viewed as a trivial as it will lead you to hospitalization, and at times, you’ll have to suffer many unbearable painful days and nights.

This advertisement shockingly depicts smoking as cutting your pulse with a cigarette.

You may be wondering on the fact: A bullet kills you fast but a cigarette kills you slow.

In Portuguese, we say “Fumaca Toxica”, meaning the toxicity of the smoke. Second-hand smoke as well, causes many innocent children being hospitalized each year worldwide.

Smoking can shorten your life causing a shortened life expectancy. So, never let a cigarette smoke you.

Smoking, in any form, whether it is marijuana or so forth, is not good for your health. Seriously, think about it when you are tempting to light up another puff. Don’t you visualize the fatal effect of a brown tipped cigarette looking bed? Is this type of bed sounding good to you?

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