Smoking is something that we all need to avoid as it imposes danger to your health and your innocent family members who inhale the smoke. Once one starts the addiction alters one’s life for the worse. Therefore, stop smoking today, better yet never start and you will make a great difference in your life!

Smoking is a harmful addiction that we all need to avoid as it is an unhealthy practice that will wreak havoc and is detrimental to one’s health. Likewise, it affects the health of the smokers adversely as well as non-smokers who inhale or are exposed to the cigarette or cigar smoke.


Adult smokers should realize how their puffing of smoke can directly be hazardous to other family member(s) at homes. Knowing the dangerous consequences caused by the habit of smoking, adult smokers should put themselves in the shoes of others and be considerate of others in the family. They should understand the consequence of other family members for their irresponsible act and realize that they may cause greater health risk to other family member’s health. By taking the fact that the smoke inhaled by other family member(s) cannot be filtered but causes detrimental health into consideration, they should make attempts to quit smoking. In this situation, the worst victims are seen obviously among children or infants in the family.


Furthermore, many experimental studies have claimed smoking for heart diseases and lung cancer. For this reason, adult smoker(s) in the family should stop their smoking habit and be alerted that the danger they may impose on themselves and innocent family members alike who inhaled the smoke.

Lastly, smoking is destroying and shortening your life span, and it is also damaging to your health or worsening your existing health. Therefore, this smoking practice should truly be avoided at all cost.

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