By staying healthy, you can have a happy life. Here are some fundamental requirements for you to stay healthy.

A happy life is a fundamental key to a healthy life as having a happy life leads to a healthy life. In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to adopt good habits in your everyday life.

First, you must be physically active. Spend about half an hour on physical movement each day. Walk out from your house and stretch your muscles and sweat away while you are breathing in the fresh air. By doing so, you help strengthen your lungs and heart, while keeping your joints and muscles more mobile and flexible.

Second, do not smoke. Smoking is a very bad habit and one can be addicted to smoking just by lighting up once and taking one puff of a cigarette. Besides that, smoking is dangerous as the cigarette contains harmful substances that can deteriorate one’s health. Cigarette smoke can be hazardous to both non-smokers and smokers, but also toxic to our environment. Each year, more people die from smoking-related diseases worldwide. For those who are still smoking, you should think of your own health as well as the consequences for families and others.

Third, have regular medical check-ups. Early detection of most diseases, including cancers, heart problems and diabetes increases the survival rate. Immediate action is always the best option to help prevent such diseases from progressing to a chronic stage. Anyone above the age of 40 should go for medical check-ups twice a year.

Forth, eat healthily. You must be aware what food you put into your mouth, when you eat and how much you eat. You need a balanced diet suggested by the food pyramid. Be moderate in your diet, but do not overeat. Make sure you eat the right amount of food to ensure optimum health. Eat your regular meals and only eat at reputable outlets if you plan to eat out.

Fifth, learn how to handle your stress efficiently. No one can avoid stress. You cannot avoid stress due to a hectic life, weather, age and etc. Too much stress is not a good thing as it can affect your health. So, learn how to manage your stress by thinking positively, having hobbies, and spending time to relax. Sharing and chatting with relatives and friends can help lighten your load and thereby reduce the stress you might have to face.

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