Like any adult, children can also face stressful situations. But due to their inadequate experience in coping with stress, it can affect their lives profoundly.

  1. Among children common symptoms of stress are as follow:
  2. Sudden changes in behavior such as rebelliousness
  3. Difficulty in concentrating on things they are doing
  4. Sleep problems and nightmares
  5. Withdrawal
  6. Separation anxiety, such as clingy behavior, refusal to sleep alone

As parents, it is vital to watch for the symptoms of stress of your child so that you can address the problem accordingly.

To be a good parent, do not judge or lecture your child but ask your child what is happening in their life. Always offer to listen to what they want to say prior to throwing a lot of questions at them.

Since your child has a limited experience in coping with stress, try to understand their feelings and assist them in coming up with an appropriate solution.

To cheer your child up, encourage them to become involved in relaxing activities. It is also essential for you to see if there is anything you can do to help alleviate your child’s stressful situation.

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