If you have more than 20 listed conditions, you may have to stay in stressing. I advise you to see your physician for further assistance and treatment.

  1. Eat too much at one time
  2. Always have an abdominal pain
  3. Always have a headache
  4. Loss temper easily
  5. Taking drugs for insomnia
  6. Always have a constipation
  7. Always have a stomachache
  8. Repeat the same questions for several times
  9. Unable to sleep at night
  10. Always shivering
  11. Loss the sexual instinct
  12. Always ask for a leave from the company or school
  13. Blood pressure too high
  14. Always have an irregular heartbeat
  15. Drink too much alcoholic drinks at one time
  16. Bite on too much snacks at one time
  17. Forget things easily
  18. Loss things easily
  19. Always feel anxious and worried
  20. Have a negative thinking
  21. No appetite to eat
  22. Smoke 30 cigarettes a day
  23. Daily life is not in routine
  24. Feel hardly to believe people
  25. Cannot stand properly
  26. Always have a dizziness
  27. Always live in a world of illusion
  28. Cannot concentrate on things you do
  29. Loss self –confidence
  30. The mood fluctuates easily
  31. Dislike and hate yourself
  32. Tears flow out easily
  33. Like to wonder around the street
  34. Always have a daydreaming
  35. Think of ways to end up life
  36. Mind turns into confusion
  37. Improper sexual life
  38. Feel pain around the part of shoulder and waist
  39. Feel empty inside your heart
  40. Get tired easily
  41. Like to be alone
  42. Separate yourself from a group of people
  43. Behavior changes drastically
  44. Do not feel like talk to people
  45. Always in a low mood

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