Some occurred natural events might not be appeared true to believe, but in reality they are true facts to be beheld. These facts probably describe the fantastic and mysterious truth of the nature. For example, writing one word needs to move around 70 pieces of muscles in a human’s body; laser which is used to eliminate tattoo skin might have triggered explosion; the speed of a golf ball is equivalent to the average speed of the sport car; elephant’s trunk is packed with 40,000 muscles and a list of such stunning facts go on as follows:

  1. A crocodile can live as long as 100 years. Its weight can reach up to 2,500 pounds, which is equivalent to a weight of a small car.
  2. A spider web is more firm than a material used to make a bullet-proof vest called B-fiber silk (a light solid, synthetic fiber). A pencil which is coiled with a bundle of spider web with a thickness similar to a rough rope is said to have strength to pull a Boeing 747 aircraft of.
  3. The footprints by the astronauts and the marks by “Apollo” spacecraft will be left on the surface of the moon as long as 1,000 million years. By the time the moon reaches 1,000 million years, the distance from the earth to the moon will be an addition of another 357 miles further from the presence distance.
  4. The tattoo is a new trend of the young generations. However, the coal workers will have their body accidentally tattooed while working inside the mine. Such tattoo is formed by the entering of coal ash into the skins and the healing of the wounds on the surface of the skin. This so-called tattoo has always put the coal workers in agony. If the tattoo is formed due to black gunpowder, the elimination of the tattoo using the laser can lead to an explosion.
  5. The loudest voice can reach up to 129 decibels in the world. When the voice reaches 130 decibels, it will trigger headache and cause ear damage.
  6. The average human heart beat is 75 times per minute. The volume of blood the heart delivers within a year can fill up an Olympic Game standard swimming pool.
  7. One pound of explosive can produce 2,200 megawatts of energy. An explosion of 100 billion tons of explosives within one minute is equivalent to an energy released by the sun.
  8. In the ancient Egypt, a mummy required 70 days to make. Scientists estimated that Egyptians had made a total of 70 million mummies.
  9. A giraffe uses its tongue to clean its ears from the dirt.
  10. Human’s hearing is limited to a maximum of 130 decibels. Therefore, human ears are hardly to bear on the rock which has an average volume of 150 decibels.
  11. The earth is stricken by lightning 100 times every second. One lightning has an enough power to light up the bulb for 3 months.
  12. Some snails can sleep up to 3 years, but human has an average sleep of 25 years.
  13. The helicopter’s main rotor blade rotates 300 times per minute. Similarly, a puffin flaps its wings 300 times per minute.
  14. A person with 150 pounds weighed on the earth will have his weight reduced to 25 pounds on the moon. However, his weight will be 4200 pounds on the sun.
  15. The eyes blink at one-tenth per second. At an average, a person blinks his eyes 4.2 million times in a year.
  16. If a spacecraft is flying approaching the black hole of the universe, its speed will become extremely slower than its usual flying speed. When the spacecraft is approaching to the black hole nearer and neared, it will finally stop suspending there. Its color will start to change from orange and gradually into red until it is disappeared into the inner part of the black hole.
  17. The International Space Station will have a length of a large football field upon its completion. That means 90% of the people from the earth can see it with their naked eyes.

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