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Most people write for different purposes. If you encounter the writers and ask their intentions of writing, you will have more than 100 reasons why they write. But basically, people write for money, pleasure, and interest.

Writing is not an easy task particularly if you write in a language that is difference from your mother tongue. It needs your patience and continual learning in order to master that particular language to enable yourself to express in different situations. Sometimes, the language may become an obstacle to express what you want to express if you have lack of knowledge in terms of its usage, grammatical and morphological rules.

How do you measure your success in writings? Money? Popularity? More fans? More views?

Well, it could not be wrong to measure your success based upon the money you earned, the popularity, fans who admire your works and the page views you received. I think, apart from these factors, the fulfillment is the foremost part that leads you to write.

The most successful writers, in my opinion, are those whose works have changed the readers’ thinking who read on their works. This might be a brainstorming, a motivation to become better, or an improvement in life and attitude. In general, they are those who have influential voices to change other people’s life to become better besides helping others to achieve their goals or targets in life.

Well, I suppose every one of us, must have felt on top-of-the-world feeling when he or she succeeded to have his or her works published elsewhere. The feeling cannot be described by words. It must be experienced. This wonderful feeling can remain with one indefinitely. I could feel how he or she feels to be in love and having that ecstatic top-of-world feeling. It is quite intoxicating!

Being the most successful writers either in local or global scale may require the writers to fit some of the criteria as follows:

The Use of Language

Different writing field may require different ways to express. Take for example, if you would like to write cartoon, comedy, and script, you have to make use of the dialect, informal language, dialect and accent to attract your reader’s attention to read your work. It will not be appropriate to use a standard language as it appears to be too rough and lack of humor. Below are some of the examples of the dialect forms used in writing and communication. Their meanings are indicated in the brackets.


I bain’t ready. (= I’m not ready)

Can ye no help me? (= Can’t you help me?)

She’s after telling me. (=She’s told me.)

Are youse coming or not? (=Are you-plural-coming or not?)

I ain’t done nothing. (= I haven’t done anything.)

Dialect and accent

‘elp yerself. (=Help yourself.)

Come wi’ me. (= Come with me.)

‘e’s gone ‘ome. (=He’s gone home.)

Where d’he hide ‘em? (=Where did he hide them?)

I dunno. (= I don’t know.)

I gotta go. (= I’ve got to go.)

I don’t wanna eat. (= I don’t want to eat.)

It’s gonna rain. (=It’s going to rain.)

Vegetables ‘n’ fruits. (= vegetables and fruits.)

C’n I’ave a glass o’ water? (=Can I have a glass of water?)

C’mon, we’re late. (= Come on, we’re late.)

Yer getting’ big. (You’re getting big.)

In contrary, if you would like to write a professional article on technology, health, computer, and engineering, you have to include many terminologies that are specifically used in those particular fields. Among all, I found that the health article is the hardest field to write as you need to do research besides using some medical terms that may appear odd and strange to you if you do not have any medical backgrounds.

What makes the article so popular? I would say that it is because it is written in simple easy-to-understand language so that any average reader can follow the content better. That is why a magical story-teller, Michener got all his books all sold out. His books have been adapted for television and big screen. Just like his books, the films are equally popular. His knowledge of the subject he wrote is impeccable, that is to say that he obviously did a lot of research. He does not try to hoodwink his readers by inventing things that cannot be believed. His stories are based on historical facts that are accurately placed in time and location.

Learning Foreign Language

Language is a way which humans use to communicate with each other. Without a language, all communications will stop at drawing or symbols which might not fully expressed what humans desire to express. There are lots of advantages of knowing foreign languages other than your mother tongue. You can always exchange your ideas, opinions and suggestions with some extraordinary people who communicate different languages. Later, you will find that your knowledge is growing day by day when you communicate with these people.

Learning from the Mistakes

No one is perfect in this world; after all we are just ordinary people. Even the most well-known editors and writers tend to make mistakes. Well, the mistakes are unavoidable, but the question here is whether you are willing to learn from the mistake to make yourself perform better in the future. The mistakes are signals telling you to adjust the technique, method, and the principles that you used when dealing with things. From the mistakes, we learn to grow up to become all-round people in every field we have ourselves involved.

Keep a List of Contact Number or e-mail

Keeping a list of contact number or e-mail from the experts or professionals are very important to keep you abreast with the latest information. These groups of people may have a background as experienced doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, sociologists, archaeologies, counselors and even the professors from the universities around the world. These people will later become your advisors and motivators in your related upcoming articles. For instance, if you wish to write a topic on a bone cancer, in this case, you should seek advices from the bone specialists as they are more experience in this field than you and thus providing you very useful information to write. The outcome is your created article has lifted up to a professional standard. When someone read your work, he or she will amaze and thereby holding his or her attention to read further. This in turns has risen up your reputation as a professional writer in the reader’s eyes. Finally, this will indirectly capture your reader’s heart to read more on your upcoming works.

Be Patient in Writing

Roman is not built within one day as the saying goes. Not only writing, but also whatever you do, you have to be very patient. I can challenge with you, you cannot be rich within a few hours, right? Every work needs patience to get it accomplished.

You could not expect a health article to be written within one hour, couldn’t you? The work will require your patience to do a research, compile the information you obtained, start writing from your compiled information, before it can be turned into an excellent article. After all, success came only with practice. It did not come easy.

Providing Useful and Informative Articles

As you know, internet users hate to waste time reading “junk” articles that will not benefit themselves. Most of them are online to search for useful and informative information that will improve their life, health, knowledge, skill and welfare as well. They may also a group of school children or college students who wish to search for useful information to help accomplishing assignments or school projects. In a nutshell, they do not prefer wasting time to read low quality content. Therefore, you should always remember to generate readable articles that will gain you more continual page views instead of the page views that only remained there for a month. Specifically, useful and informative articles may serve as a future reference and guideline for thousands or even millions of internet users to access anytime and anywhere. As a result, you gain a non-stop reads rather than it only sits there over months without people visiting even one view. This is one of the secrets that you bring traffic to your published articles.

As Michener had put a lot of care and effort into his books, nobody wants to have his intelligence insulted. Some authors debase themselves by writing inaccurate or biased facts thinking that by sensationalizing their works with sex and violence they can become popular. Such authors are poor minded. Bear in mind that the readers are more intelligent than they think. Only genuine writers stand the test of time and emerge as giants in their field. I am thankful for such writers who put in effort to provide the readers with useful and informative articles. Indeed, they have colored people life while enriching the world.

Never Boast of your Success, but Be Humble

No one is better than the other party. As a writer, you are always learning from others to supplement the inadequate part of your knowledge. Therefore, you should not boast your success just because your articles are listed in the top-ten hot list. At the same time, you should never put a bar across the standard of a newbie, as they may be more knowledgeable than you in certain fields. Thus, their abilities and existences should not be ignored. You should always be humble, so that people will offer their helps to assist you in whatever you do. No one likes to teach a person who likes to show off or boast on his or her ability, talent or knowledge. You and I are just the same, as we are learning from the best, the most experience, and the most knowledgeable people.

Improving Yourself through Comments, Feedbacks and Critics

Constructive negative comments, feedbacks or critics excluding the nasty comments are not always bad. They are sometimes a powerful booster to boost your ability to its full potential. They help to improve and upgrade you to a level that will later be recognized either locally or globally. With this recognition, your readership is gradually building up, and subsequently it will earn you more points and thumb-ups from the readers. You will finally discover that your name and fame has been established within a large group of audience who wish to read more amazing works from you.

Learning from Other Veteran Writers

There are many brilliant and talented authors for you to learn from. You will learn the technique and style of writing, organization of words, extraordinary ways to express ideas by different groups of veteran writers around the world. By doing this, you are having a good start to upgrade yourself as a standard writer while helping to raise the reputation of the writing platform you have chosen in the global scale.

Always Furnishing Yourself with Variety of Knowledge

As a writer, you are obliged to furnish yourself with a wide range of knowledge to help you creating a more diversified topic. It is always a great advantage to create topics from different field instead of one individual topic. You will not be captured a diverse reader who may need different types of knowledge and information. Multicolor is always attractive than mono-color, isn’t it? So, if possibly, try to create two or more different fields to attract people from different background to read your work.

Never Be a Copycat

Do not copycat other people’s works just to fill up your pocket. It is wrong and not right to steal other people’s hard works without their prior agreement. Even they agree you to do so; it will not be nice to copy their works as your works to get published elsewhere. If so, what is the point of writing then? The writing will not seem a fulfillment for you as the published works are not yours as they belong to someone who might have spend much time writing. Let your work be original in its nature in order to attract more reads.

Maintaining a Supportive Group

A supportive group is a group of people, who might be your friends, family members, relatives, and fans who love to read your works. Their presence is always desirable and encouraging to boost up your mood in writing and also to motivate you when encountering problems.

Creating an Interesting Topic

An interesting and attractive topic or theme you chose is not necessary the hot issue. It refers to any topics that may have caught other people’s attention or it might be a topic not being discussed and thus stimulating people’s curiosity to know more. There is not particular guideline to tell you which is a hot topic and which is not. A hot topic in January may generate low reads in the following month and so forth. Sometimes, a very common topic may turn out to be the hottest in the particular month. You can only know whether it is a hot topic among the readers when the article was published. Nevertheless, when you write more, you may have acquired certain abilities to guess which article receives better page view and which is not.

Selecting More Appropriate Keywords

An appropriate keyword is attached together with the article you wrote, so that the search engine can compile your work by relating the keywords you chose. Generally, the appropriate keywords help the search engine like Google, Ask, AOL and Yahoo to enable the readers to get your article read. If the keywords you picked are appropriate, they will definitely bring more traffic to your blog or website. If the keywords you chose are always picked by the search engines, you may have high page views in that particular month.

Promoting Your articles to Social Bookmarking Sites

You should promote your published article at the social bookmarking sites by bookmarking each piece of your published work. This is important to introduce yourself to a large group of audience. The recommended excellent bookmarking sites are reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter.

Your work is your product and social bookmarking site is a mean for you to advertise your product to your client. Whether your product will gain you a profit, it will depend on how influential your product to the client. Therefore, you should always ask yourself whether the product you are going to market is important for your client to try on. Your first article is very important here. If the article left a good impression, this group of people may have desired to read your upcoming articles.

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