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Synonyms refer to words that are similar or same in meaning. Below are some examples of synonyms:

AbandonDesert, forsake, leave
AbruptUnexpected, sudden
AcceptTake, receive
AlertPrompt, watchful, quick
AppearMaterialise, seem, look, emerge
BadWicked, evil
BeautifulLovely, elegant, attractive, handsome
BeneficialHelpful, advantageous, favorable, profitable
BrightGlowing, sunny, clear, shining
ChooseSelect, pick
ConcludeFinish, end
CourageDaring, fearlessness, bravery, heroism
DishonestDeceitful, unjust, unfair
EducateInstruct, teach, train
FamousDistinguished, well-known, noted, renowned
FuriousAngry, mad
GriefMisery, distress, sorrow, sadness
GuardWatchman, protect, watch
HarmWrong, damage, injury
HasteHurry, speed
HelpAssistance, support, aid
HonorPraise, respect, adore


 Words Synonyms
IncidentHappening, event
IntentionPurpose, aim
InjureSpoil, harm, hurt, damage
Joboccupation, work, employment
JudgeCriticise, decide
MerryCheerful, happy
LargeHuge, enormous, big, broad
MoistWatery, humid, damp, wet
NeedWant, necessity
NewModern, fresh
ObserveNotice, watch
PerfectComplete, excellent, exact, flawless
PowerStrength, energy
ReceiveObtain, get, accept
RevealDisclose, show
SaveProtect, rescue
SituationPosition, location, place
SpeedHurry, quickness, swift
SureConfident, certain, secure
TellSay, order, utter, inform
ThinkExpect, consider, imagine
VerdictDecision, opinion
ViewSee, opinion, scene
WillingInterested, keen, eager

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