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Health Condition and Disease

The Worst Disease Outbreaks

This article describes details of the worst disease outbreaks ever happened in human history. Cholera According to WHO, there have been seven pandemic outbreaks of cholera and in 1999...
Cancer and Therapy

Top Nine Worst Killer Cancers

Most of the diseases are caused by germs, and yet some of them are caused by deadly invaders- CANCER. When mutation occurs in DNA’cells, the cancerous cells begin to...
Health Condition and Disease

Understanding What A Wart Is

A brief description on what the warts are and its occurrence on parts of the body. Learn how to spot and distinguish warts from other skin diseases. Appearing as...
Health Care and Medical Information

Why Matter The Urine Test?

Why Matter the Urine Test? A urine test checks is deemed necessary as its results may give you information on different components of urine, and a waste product produced...
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