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Languages and Linguistics

Frequently Confused English Words

There is no easy way to identify these frequently confused or misused words. You just need to learn them by heart. What are the most frequently confused words in...
Languages and Linguistics

Some Useful Figures Of Speech

This article teaches you some useful figures of speech. Satire: Verse or prose which holds up to ridicule either individual people or human feelings. Pun: A humorous play on...
Languages and Linguistics

English To Enhance Learning: Proverbs

A proverb refers to a short saying containing words of warning, wisdom and advice. When a proverb is used at the right moment, it often makes your meaning much...
Languages and Linguistics

Fun With English Words

These English words are fun to speak. First, speak each of them slowly and then read again as fast as you can. Joe and Moe with a hoe and...
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