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Health and Wellness

18 Ways You Can Ruin Your Immune System

Human immune system is indeed amazing! It’s actually a group of cells that communicate via chemical messages to regulate your bodily function. Strong immune system is an essential requirement...
Cancer and Therapy

What Food Is Bad Or Good For Cancer?

Good nourishment has been a crucial weapon especially for cancer patients to fight against cancer in order to increase the odd of survival. A report by the American Cancer...
Health Condition and Disease

Obesity And Teens

Obesity is a global concern as it has become a huge health issue around the world, particularly among the teens. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the...

The Walrus: The Sleepyhead Guy?

Why are walruses known as sleepyheads? Do they sleep much most of the time? Walruses love sleeping VERY MUCH and they spend most of their days sleeping or simply...
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