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Food and Cooking

How To Make Your Crunchy Toast

The crunchy toast is delicious to eat. Here are relatively easy tips to make yours. Do you know how to make crunchy toast for your breakfast? It is relatively...
Food and Cooking

How To Make Fresh Bread Crumbs

Fresh bread crumbs make a perfect addition and topping to your soups, dishes and even pasta. Learn from this article how to make them for yourself. It is relatively...
Food and Cooking

How To Make Chocolate Fudge Cookies

How about making your own chocolate fudge cookies? Eat the chocolate fudge cookies…Hmm…yummy yummy. Ingredients: 250g butter 250g flour 200g icing sugar 50g cocoa powder First, sift cocoa and...
Food and Nutrition

Nutritional Quickies For Plant-based Milk

Take a glance at the goodness of plant-based milk. These plant-based drinks are certainly great for maintaining a healthy body. Plant-based milk is a good alternative for animal-based milk....
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