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Home Care and Home Improvement

How To Paint The Door

  Painting your own door will not be hard with these handy tips. Things needed: New 2-or 3-inch paintbrush A bottle of thinner Face mask A rag Some used...
Home Care and Home Improvement

How To Recycle Your Organic Waste

Much garbage and organic waste has been dumped uncollected and when it finally rots causes an annoying smell. As inhabitants on the earth, each of us has the responsibility...
Home Care and Home Improvement

How To Make A Rock Garden

  A rock garden is an ideal option to beautify and to give a different feel to your house. It makes a natural addition to any home by creating...
Home Care and Home Improvement

Precautions Against Accidents At Home

Many accidents happen at home due to parents’ negligence. Hence, parents are suggested to take some appropriate precautions so as to prevent unexpected accidents from occurring at home. Undoubtedly,...
Personal Finance

How To Reduce Your Monthly Electric Bill

The simpler and obvious way to reduce your monthly electricity bill is by using less of your household electrical appliances, in particular the one that uses more electrical power....
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