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Health Condition and Disease

Factors That Trigger Hypertension

Every minute and even every second, many patients that are close to you or you may not know them, are striving hard with pain at the hospital, at home,...
Pharmacy and Drugs

Medicinal Treatments For Hypertension

The world’s statistic data has confirmed that half of the hypertensive patients did not receive any treatments, and only half of the patients who underwent the treatments attained the...
Health Condition and Disease

Questions And Answers For High Blood Pressure

What is the relationship between age and hypertension? In human’s life, the blood pressure does not remain static but keep on changing and fluctuating. Under the normal physiological circumstances,...
Health and Wellness

Facts On Blood Pressure

Here are some useful facts on blood pressure you need to know to help you monitor your blood pressure throughout your life. There are two components that make up...
Health Care and Medical Information

Excess Fat In Males And Females

What’s the difference between excessive fat in males and females? As it is usually termed ‘a spare tire’ or belly fat is both unsightly and unhealthy. Excess abdominal fat...
Pharmacy and Drugs

Who Shouldn’t Take The Pills?

Who are not encouraged to take pills? Find out more in this article. Do you know that not everyone can take the pill? Oral contraception pills (OCP) for example,...
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