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Interesting Facts On Elephants For Kids

Elephants are indeed unique and interesting animals. Elephants are always entertaining to watch for kids as they boast several interesting features. Do you know that elephants are the largest...

The Walrus: The Sleepyhead Guy?

Why are walruses known as sleepyheads? Do they sleep much most of the time? Walruses love sleeping VERY MUCH and they spend most of their days sleeping or simply...

For The Love Of Pandas

Pandas are one of the cutest, sweetest and unique animals on earth. Do you know the interesting chronicle of a baby panda’s development? When the baby panda is born,...

Facts On Squirrels You Probably Do Not Know

Belonging to a family of rodents, squirrels can be classified into three main types of flying squirrels, ground squirrels and tree squirrels. Often, flying squirrels can be distinguished by...
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