Here are ten questions for your inquiring mind. Try to solve them with your wisdom. Good luck!

Question 1

Mr. John, who lives in the valley, has a sudden instinct of eating a bowl of instant noodle. He then boiled a pot of water nearby his house. When the water boils, he realized that there is not even a packet of instant noodle left. Immediately, he rushes to a grocery shop that is located at a foothill. He bought another packet of instant noodle there. When he reaches home after 30 minutes, he found that the hot water in the pot had gone. Could you explain why this happens?

Question 2

A 24-year-old beautiful lady, Christine has tired of getting marriage. She thought that she has been fooled by the males who proposed to marry her. One day, a handsome guy came to ask her desire to marry him; she then accepted this proposal of marriage. However, when the autumn falls, she says, “Someone wants to marry me, but it’s already hit 42 times in my life!” She seems like never have any intentions to marry this guy. Do you know what the hidden reason is?

Question 3

There is a pair of identical twin brothers. The elder has a black spot on his left cheek but the younger does not have even one. Even if these twin brothers have put in same clothes, one can recognize easily who is younger and who is elder. The question here is who are they actually?

Question 4

Mr. Tan had made a big mistake. When his wife is confronting him, some match boxes, lottery tickets and old photos of his first lover falling off his pocket. In a moment of panic and confusion, he seems like searching something to shelter himself to avoid unnecessary quarrelling with his wife. What is he trying to shelter from?

Question 5

One vehicle is loaded with lots of cargos. One person pushes from its front, while the other one pulls from the back. Can the vehicle move forward? (Limit to 10 minutes to answer this question).

Question 6

Someone drew a circle with its diameter of 10 meters on the ground. One stick is rooted in the centre of the circle. A cow is grazing in its center. If the cow is tightening by a 5 meters long rope, can the cow able to graze the grass if the rope is untied?

Question 7

Mr. Sam bought a dog and a basket of bones. Before resting under a tree, he uses a 5 meters long rope to tie his dog to another tree by the roadside. When he woke up, he found that all the bones in the basket had gone. Do you know why?

Question 8

The world has come to its end. A man is writing his final note before leaving this world. While he is writing, he heard a sudden knock at the door. The knock is not originated from a ghost, alien, animal or rising stones uplifted by the strong wind. Who is actually made a knock at the door?

Question 9

One old lady gets on the bus. Why no one offers her a seat to sit on?

Question 10

An old man is singing a song while brushing his teeth. Do you know why?


  1. The hot water has turned into cold water due to a process called condensation.
  2. Because her parents asked her to accept 42 times proposal of marriages.
  3. They themselves.
  4. His wife’s eyes.
  5. Definitely the vehicle can move forward.
  6. Definitely the cow can graze the grass.
  7. The dog had torn off the rope.
  8. A female knocks at the door.
  9. They are all old women in the bus.
  10. An old man is brushing his false teeth.

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