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Your daily life may seem dull and ordinary. It has become so mechanical and you are so busy that you don’t have much time to watch or “to stand still and behold” the beauty of Mother Nature. That means your life lacks wonder and delight and has become boring, artificial, routine, and unattractive. So if you compare today with yesterday, are you feeling happier than before?

Nowadays, we’ve better medical knowledge, surgical instruments and drugs, but humans are constantly becoming weaker. Due to fast pace of life, dusty roads, cloudy river water and smoky skies, you’ve a sensitive ‘lung’, sensitive ‘kidney’, sensitive “eyes”, sensitive ‘liver’ and sensitive ‘heart’, so our outlook on life may have also become “polluted.”

The word “love”, “sentiments” and “emotion” are extremely foreign when you’re advancing into a modern age that is gradually thwarting your civilization. In this context, what’s the benefit, if you grab the whole world but continuously lose your soul?

Science can be happiness and/or a complete curse. With scientific inventions, your life has become easier and more convenient but they’ve dehumanized you. This, of course, sounds like a sad state of humanity. On the destructive side, atomic bombs, U-boats, nuclear weapons and so forth have led humanity to a complete destruction. If these inventions are misused by irresponsible parties, of course, they’ll not only spell disaster to mankind but also ruin the human civilization.

When you’re growing old, you may feel more attachment for those days you’d spent in your childhood. You’re certain that most of your dreams will hardly be fulfilled. Instead, they remain as your dreams as many of your good yesterdays have passed. Time is always on its wings and that’s why you can’t enjoy those wonderful moments again.

The best period of human life was during our childhood. It had significant impact on our life as the charm of childhood can’t be erased away from our memory but the memories of childhood have a powerful impression on our lives. A life of a child is simple. They eat, drink, play, and poop, and they’ve no anxieties, no worries, no troubles and no stress. They’re indeed a white pure paper free from any impurities and contamination of the world.

Helping those who’re in need can help you gain inner happiness. Its value is far more important than the sensual pleasure that you could get from the bulk of money you possess.

The real difficulty is you yourself. Once you overpass your self-huddle, of course, you could have strength to accomplish many tasks in your life.

It’s always easy to be happy but it’s really hard to make yourself happier than others.

You aren’t always convinced of your own achievement as you may think that other people are more successful than you are. No matter what you have, whether things (tangible and intangible) you may have less than them, or a bit more than them; possessions should not be the measure or serve as a final conclusion to gauge self worth. You can’t threaten yourself with other people’s success or happiness, can you? When you’re comparing physical assets, you’ll definitely lose yourself in the middle of comparisons. We need a different yardstick to measure our gains by than a bank book. It is the intrinsic values we need to be cherishing, as the others have a fleeting value.

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